Venture Cup

Venture Cup is a business plan competition for students, graduates and faculty at Danish universities. Participants submit their ideas and plans to an independent jury, who determines which teams win cash prizes. The competition runs during the academic year, and participants are free to use resources such as workshops, seminars, and advisors in their quest for the best idea and business plan.

You are puzzling with a great idea. It might be a simple service or a revolutionary product that will change the world. Either way, you are looking for help to make it happen.
Venture Cup are here to help! For the past 10 years, Venture Cup have worked to help and inspire young entrepreneurs. We are a non-profit organization supported by the universities, the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship and we partner with a broad range of Denmark’s most innovative companies.
Venture Cup provide funding via the competitions, key networking opportunities, and vital feedback for your idea.
  • Business Plan Template

    A business plan is a comprehensive description of a new business. It is a helpful practice as it forces the writer to realistically consider all aspects of the business in detail. Venture Cup offers their take on how a business plan should be compiled - follow the link below to get access to a guide of the elements to include when making your next business plan.
  • What is a pitch? Improve your pitching skills

    The pitch is a super short introduction of your product or idea. It is the typical way an entrepreneur sells their idea and the value of it in a meaningful and authentic way to a costumer, investor, or even potential employees. The pitch is often referred to as the ‘elevator pitch’, where the name reflects the fact that you should be able to deliver the pitch in the time it takes the elevator to go from the lobby to the top floor (where the investor works). The best pitch is often delivered without slides, but if you absolutely have to use slides check out the tips in the slideshare by following the link below.
  • FAQ relating to startups

    Venture Cup has collected a variety of the most frequently asked questions relating to start ups. Some of the questions answered are: what is a startup, what is a business plan, what is a pitch, what is a patent, what is a trademark....
  • Venture Cup Advisors

    The Venture Cup advisors provide a mentoring role to the teams. The advisors help them improve and develop their business ideas and reach the next level. The advisors are typically entrepreneurs or people with deep experiences within their industry. Follow the link below to find out how you can apply for a advisor.
  • Become a Venture Cup advisor yourself

    Venture Cup regularly seeks new jury members and advisors to join the existing highly committed team of about 100 busy individuals. If you feel your experience could be beneficial to students either as a jury member or advisor, please follow the link below to get more information and point of action.
  • Venture Cup Idea & Business Plan Competition

    Venture Cup arranges two national competitions each year – the Idea Competition in the fall and the Startup Competition in the spring. The two competitions are meant to help you kick-start your project no matter what stage you are at. Both competitions provide 5 categories, a competent jury, pitch training, and final award shows. Follow the link below to get more info about the competitions!
  • FAQ about Venture Cup's Idea & Startup Competitions

    Get the answers to the most frequently answered questions about Venture Cup, the Idea and Startup Competitions, the categories with in the competitions and much more!
  • How to get started with Venture Cup's Startup Competition

    In the Startup Competition, you can win 50.000 DKK in each of five categories with an additional 200.000 DKK for the overall most promising startup. The Startup Competition focuses primarily on strong business cases, startup potential, innovation, team, and growth opportunities. The competition’s main focus is on teams on path to already starting up. Before you apply - please, follow the link below and read the guide CAREFULLY.
  • Venture Cup Alumni Club

    Venture Cup Alumni Club represents a unique network of previous participants. As part of the Venture Cup Alumni Club, you will get exclusive invites to events with keynotes from succesful entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, and key industry people. Read more about the Alumni Club and sign up by following the link below.
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